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    Citizens and communities are vital stakeholders in solving the urban waste management crisis. I Got Garbage strongly believes in the vital role citizen communities play in creating zero-waste neighborhoods. In turn, we offer a suite of affordable and sustainable partner-led services for citizen communities.

    We along with our partners, offer scheduled pickups of all categories of waste from your doorstep. We also provide in-house composting services for wet waste management within your campus. If you are interested in workshops or learning activities related to waste, our partner network will be happy to assist.

    If you are in Bangalore or Hazaribagh and are interested in availing waste pickup services or organizing workshops/training please register with us and fill in your details in the form below, for us to route you to the relevant service providers from our partner network servicing in your area.

    Meanwhile, you can also explore our DIY How-To section, and become a ‘zero-waste’ champion in your own neighborhood.

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