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  • Impact Investment Consulting

    Corporate Social Responsibility is a great opportunity for organizations to invest their people, expertise, and resources in addressing the key issues faced by us as a society. I Got Garbage works closely with several social entrepreneurs, change-makers, and grass roots organizations whose impact footprint is spread across thousands of communities all over India.

    Waste management is a unique sector that offers ample opportunities to deliver social, economic, and environmental impact on a large scale. At I Got Garbage, we specifically focus on areas such as decentralized and non-mechanized waste management, financial and social inclusion for waste-pickers, community or volunteer-led programs, technology-led innovations, new product/service design and implementation.

    We’ll be delighted to know how you’d like to participate. Register with us today.

  • Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Consulting

    I Got Garbage can help you design an EPR model that you can pilot and launch as part of your business operations. We envisage a system wherein you partake and share the responsibility of the products that you use, manufacture, supply, distribute, dispose, recycle or regulate.

    Our methodology employs a lifecycle thinking approach and supply chain interactions led by waste-pickers that help minimize total lifecycle impact on various aspects of the environment as well as the business.

    Register with us today to explore more about our EPR programs.

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