Government Agency

  • Capacity Building and Training

    At IGG, we work with municipalities and government establishments to reimagine solid waste management systems. Personnel skills and administrative system capacities will be developed, along with creating the partnership frameworks that are necessary to interact and collaborate with stakeholders like waste-pickers, social businesses, and citizens.

    Be it training, resource mobilization, business process improvement, product/service innovation, or business development, we’ve got it all covered.

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  • Digital Governance for Operations

    Complexities arise in the absence of administration and monitoring.

    I Got Garbage’s digital governance suite comes in handy to monitor the waste management operations of an entire city. The framework is customizable and can be tailored to meet real-life requirements.

    With features such as real-time dashboards, GPS tracking, contracts and workforce management, data analytics, customizable reports, and community connect, city administrators can now run their waste management operations digitally. Our team will work closely with you and your field operators to analyze and configure the digital governance suite for you.

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  • Community Awareness Support

    Transforming community behaviors and actively engaging citizens in the process of change is crucial to project success. IGG has implemented school programs, and volunteer-led community awareness programs in different cities in the past. We have also created marketing strategies for various social businesses in the waste management sector. Our approach is focused on:

    • – Educating citizens on waste segregation at source.
    • – Re-establishing confidence in the waste collection and management services.
    • – Engaging communities through citizen-led awareness programs that drive behavior change.


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  • Set up Zero Waste Wards

    Imagine a city, where nothing goes to waste. Every product’s life-cycle extends beyond what it is advertised for. Once the primary user has extracted its basic utility, it is sorted and processed in a decentralized, eco-friendly manner. There is little to nothing spared for the incinerator or landfills.

    We can help you make the Zero-Waste-to-Landfill model a reality in your city or town. Achieving this involves a highly collaborative approach that integrates multiple systems: technology adoption, infrastructure, delivery model, community engagement and governance, to name a few.

    Through our consulting services, we will guide you through the stages of a time-tested roadmap that will culminate in the launch of a pilot program in your ward.

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