Who We Are

Team IGG are a group of dreamers, believers, and social entrepreneurs, brought together by Mindtree to pioneer a technology-led revolution that brings dignity to a waste-picker’s livelihood, and replaces the landfill model with an efficient waste economy. Besides the diverse academic and professional backgrounds, team IGG shares a strong sense of responsibility towards the society, environment, and empathy for the waste-pickers. From a five-member team in 2013 to a digital enterprise that hosts thousands of waste management stakeholders, team IGG has come a long way in demonstrating how technology can integrate and transform today’s urban waste management landscape.

How it all started

‘I Got Garbage’ was born in 2013 when a passionate team of engineers from Mindtree joined hands with HasiruDala to transform the lives of informal sector waste-pickers, who constantly face harassment and discrimination in our society. These waste-pickers make a significant contribution to the environment by diverting almost 15% of our daily waste from landfills, and are also exposed to chemical poisoning and biological infections due to the inhuman and hazardous conditions they work in. In partnership with HasiruDala and several other social partners, ‘I Got Garbage’ was launched in 2014 with the objective of taking waste-pickers away from landfills, and help them earn a steady and dignified livelihood. Soon, thousands of citizens and institutions have pledged their support by opting to segregate waste and hiring professional services from the waste-pickers turned recycling managers.

Over the next 24 months, by working hand in hand with waste-pickers and social partners, team IGG has developed several innovative solutions such as Donate Dry Waste, Home and Community Composting, Zero Waste Services, and Community and School Engagement Programs, besides a gamut of Consulting and Technology solutions for Government Agencies, Social Enterprises, and Corporate Institutions. Today, IGG has a presence in 5 Indian cities, and through partner transactions on our digital platform, over 10 million Kgs of waste has been recycled and composted.


We build technology that is powering a garbage revolution by bringing dignity
to the waste-picker’s livelihood, and replacing landfills with an efficient waste economy.


Decentralised & Eco-friendly Waste Management

1. Non-mechanical, zero-emission, and low-cost processing of waste to protect the environment.

2. Decentralised processing of waste at a ward level to reduce costs, emissions, and maximise recycling.

Financial & Social Inclusion for Waste-pickers

3. Livelihood support for waste-pickers and improvement in their working conditions.

Community & Volunteer-led Transformation

4. Segregation of waste at source into Dry, Wet & Reject categories, and composting at home.

5. Engagement of citizen and volunteer groups in waste management activities.